Creating An Anti_Corruption Agenda For Post Communist Societies

Karla Salas, Kreshnik Spahiu, Liga Stafecka, Martha Cecilia Villada, Michael Geertson, Olga Nazario, 12th IACC, Workshop report, Development, Sustainability

Main Issues Covered


The objective of the workshop was to look at the transition experiences of Latin America and Post-communist regimes in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe. It established similarities and differences in the processes of transitions away from military rule in Latin America and the totalitarian regimes in other parts of the world. It looked at some of the main issues affecting post-communist societies. These included conflict of interest, political campaign financing, working with the media, and building coalitions and networks to deal with this issues. It also presented the international and regional conventions as important tools for civil society to fight corruption.


Main Outcomes


Participants contributed additional issues of concern to post-communist societies. Among these are:

  • Structure and financing of political parties.

  • Corporate involvement

  • State Government capacity

  • Strength of anti-corruption agencies

  • Independence of the Judiciary.

  • External pressure for reform (such as joining Council of Europe)

  • Access to information


Main Outputs


  1. Casals & Associates will create an international virtual network, ANTI-CORRUPTION WITHOUT BORDERS, to link together all interested organizations and individuals. This network will disseminate information, provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences, and serve to identify sources of support and assistance.

  2. Summaries of presentations will be available at

  3. A flyer on “Coalitions and Networks: Opportunities for a Proactive Civil Society” was prepared and distributed for the audience.


Recommendations, Follow-up Actions


Participants were asked to take home the issues and tools that were identified during the session, established priorities according to their own realities and needs, and create an action plan. Ideally, participants will meet at the next TI International Conference to discuss progress achieved during the last two years.


Workshop Highlights (including interesting quotes)


  1. Participants showed great interest in the comparative approach of the session. Some recommended additional work on this particular topic.

  2. The Albanian speaker showed an interesting thirty-second public service announcement on fighting corruption produced by TI/Albania and the Citizens Advocacy Office that attracted the audience attention.

docCreating An Anti_Corruption Agenda For Post Communist Societies

Brazil 2012

Brazil 2012

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